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  • Brenda Duke says,

    I rely on public transit to get to my job and carry out my daily activities. I take the Barton from Milton & then transfer to one of three buses that go through Westdale every day. I find that the bus lanes make it easier to carry on through without having to wait for drivers/vehicles to let the bus move over a lane. I think, but haven't actually measured, that my transportation time had decreased.

  • Joanna St Jacques says,

    I think removing the bus line is short sighted given the huge potential for new riders of highschool age should HWDSB continue with plans to have students commute from downtown (SJAM) to Westdale. As well it will be put to good use during the PANAm games. I really felt it was a small step in the right direction and stopping it will send the wrong message to the public.
    I support the bus lane. I am a car driver. My family uses King street or Cannon daily. Traffic calming is the real result of the bus lane and I support any measures that are forward moving to make Hamilton a better place for families to live work and play safely.

  • Sheri Selway says,

    All residents of the city benefit from good transit options. Keep the bus only lane, improve transit options!

  • Bizanu Lahala says,

    I am in full support of the Bus Lane and would like the Mayor & City Council to, for once, do something 'visionary and keep the bus lane. Some modifications to address the concerns of those dissenting are: put the bus lane in effect only during peak rush-hour traffic and/or make it a bus and HOV lane. Hamilton needs this bus lane to develop the skills needed to maintain the LRT/BRT when it and if it finally ever gets constructed.

  • Bob Manojlovich says,

    What kind of city do we want to be? ... A good start from which to move forward and improve.

  • Larry Berberick says,

    Listen to Mayor Fred, and follow our
    elected leader!!!!

  • troy Bush supports this.
  • Philippa Herotage says,

    I walk, bike, bus and drive the downtown core. The buslane has been a great addition and as a citizen in the downtown core the presence of the bus lane has not hindered my ability to drive downtown - even during rush hour!

  • Kathleen Flohr supports this.
  • Fort Roberto says,

    Public Transit will be much more in the forefront as more people move to established neighbourhoods and get rid of their vehicles ! Be ready Hamilton. Don't let those "naysayers" on Council run the agenda on this file !

  • Pheroze Jeejeebhoy says,

    A well developed public transit system is essential in order to prevent traffic problems as the city grows. With the McMaster developments downtown, we cam expect a large increase in traffic volume. The only way to develop a good plan is to learn from initiatives like this one. Please lets not have another fiasco like the stadium!

  • Desiree Kelleher says,

    I am both a driver and a bus rider. I find the bus lines positively impact my daily commute from the East end to one of the city's anchors, McMaster University.
    Please continue to support public transit. It's good for me, for my family, and for this city.

  • Mark Burchert supports this.
  • Rachel braithwaite supports this.
  • Natasja Bischoff supports this.
  • Kat Bezner says,

    I'm a big suporter of this lane. It is a pivoting decision of hamilton as a city that is prepared for the future. Let's not make the same mistakes that toronto made 20 years ago by not investing in their transit system.

  • Christopher Wilson supports this.
  • Mary Leach supports this.
  • Paul Raun says,

    Keeping the bus lane, as a first step in building light rail, is a critical step in making Hamilton "future ready", especially for being resilient in the face of resource depletion and a tanking global economy. Paradoxically, lower oil prices are a symptom of "Peak Oil", end of cheap oil, with our reliance on markedly more expensive oil such as the Tar Sands. Unlike the mid-1980's, less of our oil comes from low cost sources, most notably in North America and Europe. The drop in prices has arisen primarily from depressed demand, given how the Financial Crisis has remained unresolved and our economies have only remained standing because of "Quantitative Easing", i.e. central banks buying bonds of questionable assets off of financial institutions. The energy sector in places such as Alberta and the US("The Shale Gas and Oil Miracle") is in financial trouble having to lay off workers and face much higher financing costs(higher interest rates). Most certainly, oil will be cheap only because we will fall further into a deep economic downturn.

    Building an extensive rapid transit system, with a bus lane as a starting point, provides a necessary insurance policy in regards to the type of future we most likely face.

  • Luca simpson supports this.
  • Sean Edington says,

    Transit is vital to growth!

  • Bonnie McInnes says,

    The bus lane makes complete sense.
    Some council members wanted to kill the pilot project even before they heard the results. This sort of short-sighted or stubborn thinking will not help Hamilton move into the future and help with traffic flow.
    All signs point to the pilot as being a success.
    With some adjustments (which is the reason for a pilot project in the first place), the bus lane will function even better.

  • Susan MacLarkey says,

    I want Hamilton to be a progressive city which takes advantage of opportunities for outside funding to improve transportation. I did recently drive on King during rush hour and was appalled at how slow traffic moved. However, I trust that the study and above comments by Support Hamilton Transit are true.

  • Randy Coutts supports this.
  • myra leyden says,

    If Hamilton wants to grow its tax base and therefore improve the city for ALL residents, we need to offer affordable, efficient, and timely public transit. New residents to Hamilton, particularly those relocating here from the GTA, expect great transit.
    Invest in our public transit system and IMPROVE things when they need improving.
    Everyone benefits...it's a no-brainer.

  • Azher Siddiqui says,

    Dear Councillors, for environmental, health, social, and economic reasons, please support the King St. TOL and B-line LRT.

  • Michael Hutchings says,

    It's high time that the City of Hamilton move beyond the status quo and do something progressive for the city. Evidence proves that the bus lane carries more citizens per hour than the other lanes of King St. combined.

    Jason Farr's information also shows that new businesses have started and investment into the streetscape have increased since the bus lanes.

    Perhaps it's high time that the councillors for the outlying areas look at what is good for the WHOLE city instead of their constituents and realize that if the core is rotten and dying, so too is the city as a whole.

  • Justin Mamone supports this.
  • Iain souter supports this.
  • Molly Merriman supports this.
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