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  • Robert Hill says,

    I use the downtown bus on a regular basis everyweek to get around that uses the bus lane; and it is is great for all that use it; I also know people and family that drive, they say it takes an extra 2 minutes to get through the area, not really a big deal; and if someone really needs to shop on King street, they will come, it also slows down traffic so they can see whats on King street; so whom ever voted to have the Bus Lane taken away have no idea what they were voting against till they rode through the area on the constant basis on the bus or/and vehicle.

  • Kim Ouellette says,

    I really liked the bus lane, it kept the buses running on time and quicker to get through downtown.

  • Gordon Leverton says,

    i absolutely support transit in Hamilton

  • Justin Colyn says,

    our family ownes and drives our own vehicles through the downtown.

    We own a "brick and mortar" retail store in the city core and a seperate service business. We live in the city core.

    Leaving home or our shop, we regularly drive through downtown to the highway.

    It may make our personal driving/life slower/worse in the short term; however, our city (and its residents) need better public transit. In the long run, it will serve us better.

    I fully support bus lanes, two way streets, and LRT.

  • Kerri Withers says,

    Hamilton has been welcoming growth and has adopted an intensification plan to increase urban density. These objectives must be supported with strategic, long term planning which includes more efficient and sustainable methods of transit. We must be making decisions and investment in infrastructure that supports these objectives and at the top of the list is investment in mass, public transit.

  • Talyssa Ferrer supports this.
  • Jeff Chuchman supports this.
  • Lachlan Holmes says,

    Every good city needs a balance between Car and Human. Hamilton has not achieved that without the Bus Lane.

  • Sean Edington supports this.
  • Eric Steffler says,

    On time buses are very important to the student population of hamilton

  • Marguerite Marlin says,

    I live on Main St. and the traffic is atrocious. It is always threatening my life and well-being when I walk home. The 5 lanes of screaming traffic are evidently not enough for drivers as cars always pull up and wait at intersections, blocking pedestrian routes. Moreover, there is no alternate route for bikes and pedestrians to go East-West through Locke St. I use SoBi and I already avoid using it in my immediate area but even that does not help me avoid daily run-ins with cars that apparently operate as if there are no people on the streets!

  • cyril dunlop supports this.
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