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Statement by Abir Abdulla

While I rely solely on the bus system to get around, as a resident of Ward 7 I don't receive any direct benefit from the bus lane. That being said, I support it wholeheartedly because removing it sends the image that our city is not committed to public transit--that our city favours those who can afford or prefer to use cars. Hamilton belongs to all of us. Buses can transport a larger amount of people and the demand on that route is high as it is (as I know first-hand from commuting from the mountain to McMaster through the downtown for the past 4 years). We need a solution for transit in this city. The downtown bus lane is the first step towards prioritizing an efficient, reliable public transit system, and once we do that, public transit will be improved in all areas of the city. Improvements can and should be made if there are specific issues (with the bus lane), but removing it altogether is taking a step backwards. We need to move forward, Hamilton.

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