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  • John Neary says,

    I travel along King St. on foot, by bicycle, on HSR and GO buses, and by car. The bus lane has made HSR and GO trips quicker and more reliable, which outweighs any minor inconvenience to motorists. It has also made King St. a much more pleasant place for pedestrians, as a consequence of which I have started shopping much more frequently on King.

    Most of the concerns relating to the bus lane have more to do with its flawed implementation than with its existence per se. Let's fix the implementation and extend the lane east to the Delta to make things even better for transit users.

  • Cathy Swenson says,

    Keep and amend the bus lane as recommended by staff. The roads are for all citizens, not just car drivers to whom any delays were negligible. Make public transit a viable option for people to travel throughout the city, and by doing so increase ridership. It is ridiculous the way it is.

  • Mike Belmore supports this.
  • Eugenia Zuroski Jenkins supports this.
  • Elizabeth Tessier supports this.
  • Lesia Malanchuk-Stephens supports this.
  • Craig Burley says,

    Let's keep it and focus on improving the experience for all.

  • Maggie Shepherd supports this.
  • Anderson S supports this.
  • Eric Gillis supports this.
  • John McCurdy supports this.
  • John M Campbell supports this.
  • Patrick Cudmore supports this.
  • Bob berberick supports this.
  • Leanne Palmerston says,

    I support the bus lanes. I think it's essential for any large size city to have dedicated lanes for transit. And I feel confident that as we improve transit in Hamilton, we'll grow ridership.

  • Gail berberick says,

    This is not about one lane, this is about all transit in this city. This lane should remain and can be improved. Positive message to Metrolinx that this great City is moving forward.

  • mike hampson says,

    We need cities for al, not just cars.

  • Corey Helie-Masters supports this.
  • Anne simpson supports this.
  • Sean Hurley says,

    The comment "the future is not now" by councillor Whitehead speaks volumes about transit in Hamilton, Ontario. The risk is that by failing to suppory transit improvements, Hamilton will remain will fail to attract the people and investmentss that will shape Hamilton's future as a great place to live, work, and play. I The ime to invest in our future is now.

  • Tara Zimmerman says,

    The bus lane makes sure that I am on time for appointments, classes, and events. It makes my commute more reliable and timely.

  • Leslie Klodt supports this.
  • Kate Andrus says,

    We need to move forward into the multi-transit world. There is more to city life than cars. Efficient and fast public transit is the key to a healthy growing city.

  • Kathleen Fewer says,

    I generally don't take the bus, but I live in Ward 1 and fully support the bus lane. The riders of the bus need to be heard, but they also need to know that there are car drivers who support them!

  • Stella Lehto supports this.
  • Daniel Botham supports this.
  • Damin Starr supports this.
  • Douglas Pawson supports this.
  • Brendan Wetton supports this.
  • Linda Wojcik supports this.
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