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  • Jason Phillips says,

    I drive my car on King St. almost every day and I support keeping the bus lane.

  • Jennifer Robb supports this.
  • Donald Norry supports this.
  • Jason Hofing supports this.
  • bryan poetz supports this.
  • Gabriela Caterini supports this.
  • Kimberley Sienna supports this.
  • Maureen Wilson supports this.
  • Matthias Feiner says,

    As a daily transit user to and from work efficiency is of upmost importance to me and I strongly believe the transit only lane should be kept and improved. Also transit must have a separate corridor to move efficiently and we should be mindful of the future and build an attractive transit system citywide. Public transit can move a lot of people much faster than individual cars can and that will become a decisive factor to avoid gridlock in the downtown during rush hour.

    Thank you

  • Jason Garner supports this.
  • Jason Diller supports this.
  • Mary Ellen Kaye supports this.
  • Laura Phan supports this.
  • Andrea Torchia supports this.
  • Lucas Can supports this.
  • Kathleen Chernets supports this.
  • Kate W says,

    Hamilton has the potential to be a world-class city, with a world-class transportation system. We have the knowledge to get us there, we are depending on political will for the support to make it happen.

  • Chris farias supports this.
  • Millicent Chow supports this.
  • Elizabeth Seidl says,

    The bus lane has made getting downtown fast and convenient when I ride the bus. Please don't kill it!

  • James Roberts supports this.
  • Anne Tennier supports this.
  • Chris Borst supports this.
  • Terry Cooke says,

    Hamilton doesn't have the luxury of waiting patiently while things happen to us. Our potential as a great city will remain unrealized if we fail to move decisively towards a future that embraces the importance of transit to our economic competitiveness, the vitality of our neighbourhoods and our ecological sustainability. The decision to improve versus dispatch the Bus Lane will send a powerful signal not only to all of our citizens but perhaps more importantly the Provincial government about our capacity to make the hard decisions necessary to seize opportunity and begin building a true rapid transit system. Doing nothing will guarantee higher taxes, more congestion and pollution and a virtual certainty that hundreds of millions dollars of local tax money will help to build transit in places other that Hamilton. That would be tragic. Together, we can do better.

  • Jon Davey says,

    Hamilton's core will continue to thrive if we nurture multi-modal transportation.

  • Jason Nason says,

    Public transit is something that benefits the entire city of Hamilton, and improving the flow of our transportation network is key to now only making the system better, but also more reliable. A reliable system will encourage more use, which will grow the system.

    The transit only lane "bus lane" is an important part of this.

    Did you know that on EVERY weekday 1,272 bus trips take place on King Street between John and James, the heart of the bus lane? In addition to the more than 1,000 HSR bus trips here (1,037 to be exact), there are also 80 Burlington Transit trips, 143 GO Transit buses, 4 from Coach Canada and 8 Greyhound bus trips as well.

    This information isn't anecdotal. This is a FACT.

    The time is now for the Bus Lane. Let's not simply look at today. Let's build the transit network our future deserves.

  • John Hannah says,

    Please. Everything that makes the city more walkable or supports transit is a priority.

  • Richard Evelyn supports this.
  • Jessica Ramsay supports this.
  • Teri Lee B supports this.
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