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  • Brian Henley says,

    Significant Public Transit investments could and should be made throughout Hamilton - spend less on new roads and more on improving HSR

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  • David Fernandes says,

    Dear councillors,

    I've had the opportunity to live in Ottawa, where dedicated bus lanes span across entire streets and not just tiny little sections.

    I've lived in Toronto, where streetcars and traffic mix together seamlessly in the east end, on streets not even as wide as ours - and there's parking to boot.

    In fact when they put LRT on Spadina avenue, getting rid of buses entirely, and giving it two dedicated lanes, it REDUCED congestion significantly..

    I've spent a lot of time in New York City, where car pools lanes shared with buses and taxis and cyclists are essential to move the population of some 9 million people.

    I've visited Vancouver many times and taken their LRT sky train to connect to an elaborate bus network with dedicated and priority transit lanes everywhere.

    In fact, bus lanes are so normal everywhere else in the world that I've visited that I can't even understand what the opposition is about having them in Hamilton.

    As real estate prices rise, the population ages, and gas prices go back up, fewer younger people will be buying cars and many elderly people won't be driving them. How will we get people around efficiently? How will we attract new business to open up here? How will we connect east, west, north and south ends of our city with a comprehensive transit plan?

    The bus lane debate is much more than about a couple of km of road marks. It's about building the future of this great city. It starts now. Spending $100k to remove them would be shameful and embarrassing.

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  • sarah compton says,

    Every city should be actively supporting public transit, if only for environmental reasons. Hamilton's stance has been so backward. Public transit needs to be expanded outwards, not stymied inwards.

  • Michael Ecclestone says,

    Complaining about the bus lane because your commute takes an extra five minutes is inherently selfish. Hamilton needs to continue to be proactive and innovative, and not force itself to cater to those who are too narrow-minded to see how the bus lane benefits everyone.

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  • Kathie Stonehouse says,

    Keep the bus lane! I am a transit user and the bus-only lane is an important to me.

    I think it is silly, selfish and short-sighted for Hamiltonians (particularly City Councillors) to be whining about seeing an "empty lane" while they are in traffic. If you want to be in that lane so badly, TAKE THE BUS that is ALLOWED to be in that lane.

  • Mary Bowness says,

    Active and Public Transportation need to be at the top of the list as far as importance goes. We will attract more citizens if our transit system is great. The cost and pollution factors are turning a large demographic away from single vehicle ownership; that demographic is the future, they are well-educated, they choose public transit over cars, it's their first choice. The majority of the people I've seen, fists risen in annoyance over their loss of convenience because of improved public transit downtown, will not be driving that much longer; they will not be competent... perhaps then they will see how important great public transit is... and unfortunately for them it will be too late. We've established a great bus route, let's keep it... let's have others demand better routes and improved service; let's be known for outstanding pubic transit.

  • Isabella Daley says,

    I support the continuation of the bus lane. I do not own a drivers licence or a car. I am an avid public transit user as are both my teenage daughter and my university student daughter. I am signing this petition because I want to ensure the remaining Metrolinx Quick Wins capital budget is used for its original purpose: to implement and improve a downtown dedicated bus lane. I do not believe that the future is not now.The future IS now.

  • David Colacci says,

    Improve the lane, don't kill it.

  • Tim Lynes says,

    I personally believe the bus lane integral to the future and sends a signal to the public that Hamilton is trying to build a connected city.

  • Matthew Walker says,

    I think what is happen in council chambers at the moment is a complete embarrassment to the city of Hamilton. Councilors HAVE to stop antagonizing each others plans for improving the city and derailing positive change. Certainly transportation is needed all over the city. There are concerns on the mountain for Mohawk students and regular citizens alike. Work to improve things and stop politicking and understand that things, the world, all of our lives, actions, and issues are not just black and white, not just yes or no. Work towards things, don't derail things. The reason for Hamilton not keeping up with it's growth numbers can be partially contributed to the behavior of council at the present moment. All I can say is GROW UP. The bus lane is a positive movement for deciding how the city will implement NECESSARY and INEVITABLE infrastructure in transporting people around it's city.

  • walter furlan supports this.
  • Catherine Ahern says,

    Transit improves everyone's quality of life.

  • Janis Topp says,

    An effective public transportation system is imperative for our city to move forward. The bus lane is a small but important step.

  • Gary Dennis says,

    It's time this city was more pedestrian friendly and bus lanes are a step in that direction.

  • Kyle Ford supports this.
  • Nathan Savelli says,

    Please keep the bus lane and continue to invest in public transit!

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