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  • Christopher McC says,

    I occasionally have to travel from Dundurn to downtown for meetings. Before the bus lane I would often walk home from downtown because it took the same amount of time and the buses often had many riders already. With the bus lane I found my travel time on the bus improved and it eased my frustration.

  • Simon Carroll says,

    I implore council to make the right decision. It is time for this City do what is best for the CITY not individual fiefdoms. The sooner our elected officials realize that what is good for downtown is good for the entire City of Hamilton the better off we will be. I live in Dundas and commute via HSR every day. The reliability of the route out of Downtown has increased dramatically since the implementation of the Bus Lane. To remove it entirely without any consideration for the thousands of us that use it on a daily basis is close minded and wrong headed. To parse small bits of information from the staff report for your own purposes without looking at from the whole perspective is convenient but proves that you are going into the decision with a pre-conceived notion and don't really care about the outcome.

  • Kerry Wade supports this.
  • Brandi Lee MacDonald says,

    The continued implementation, improvement, and inevitable success of the transit-only-lane is an important stepping stone toward a functional, and well-used transit system that Hamilton so desperately needs. I use the HSR to travel from King & James to McMaster daily. I could drive to work every day, but I choose not to, despite the fact that during rush hour I am crammed like a sardine onto an overfull bus, only to watch us drive past multiple bus stops with passengers forced to wait for the next ride.
    I believe in the merits of and potential for a public transportation system that should be an appealing alternative to the significantly large population of single-car drivers in this city. Public transportation needs to be given appropriate attention, planning, and thought, and it needs to be accessible to all. While there have been excellent champions for improving transportation on council (Farr, Green, Johnson, Merulla, and others), I find the manner in which councillors (typically from rural wards) engage with this conversation to be completely and utterly abhorrent. The way this situation is addressed, particularly in recent GIC meetings and via Twitter (specifically, T. Whitehead) makes me simultaneously frustrated and disgusted with the inability of council to have an intelligent conversation about and make commitments to improving transit infrastructure in Hamilton.

    The success of the transit-only-lane requires minor tweaking. Better timed traffic lights, increasing the number of buses during peak hours, and considering converting transit only lane to a high occupancy vehicle lane would solve a lot of problems. And for those business owners who claim to be losing business because of the bus lane: I call bullshit. Those business were failing regardless of the bus lane. Selling cheap, made-in-China clothing, offering services that are obsolete or poor quality, and serving poor quality food are the reasons why business are failing. And for those that complain about a +/- 5 min addition to their commute: how on earth would those people make it outside of this city? Try living in ANY other North American city with a high-density core and not experience some sort of traffic during peak hours. The bus lane is not the problem. Entitled motorist attitudes are the problem.

    Someone who takes the bus, is not poor, and believes that we deserve better.

  • Tanya Ritchie says,

    this is the 21st Century - and climate change is upon us. Air quality should not be a luxury, it should be a right. And if we are too selfish to think of the planet, think of the city. Quality transit is the touchstone of a world-class city. The bus lane is our first step forward in decades, in this regard - we can't go into retrograde now. Wouldn't you like to be able to have a good transit option? Let's not nix the bus lane, lets expand upon it. One day, I would like to be able to catch a train to Waterdown. Just imagine.

  • Tony Lemma supports this.
  • Lynda Lukasik says,

    A bus lane is a no-brainer for a city that is intensifying and looking to become more resilient and sustainable. Let's get on with improving public transit already!!

  • Hamilton FixedRider says,

    Hamilton NEEDS this bus only lane. It's an efficient way to get people faster through the down town core of this city.

  • Karen Nelson says,

    I don't drive and depend on the buses. People who drive cars are incredibly inconsiderate and will cut buses off in their haste making dangerous driving conditions.

  • Jeff Zuk says,

    Support the bus lane. The future is now.

  • aleks keser supports this.
  • Nicole Knibb supports this.
  • Alex Ander says,

    Fuck Chad Collins and fuck Terry Whitehead.

  • Dave Michal says,

    I am a ward 2 resident. Please support improving the bus lane in downtown Hamilton. The bus lane is a step towards showing the residents that transit matters and the streets are for the people, not the cars. I am an occasional bus rider, a walker and a motorists as I work and play throughout different areas of the city. Any time lost due to the bus lane is a small sacrifice for a much tamer enjoyable downtown core. As someone who lives east of the core I also urge you to consider making wellington 2 way north of Main Street to give people more options to traverse the downtown. Show Hamilton that we can do a bus lane and do it well.

  • jeremy greenspan supports this.
  • James Carter says,

    City council needs to look at what's best for this city!

  • THOMAS SHEPHERD supports this.
  • James Arlen says,

    Civic leadership is about leading the city, not petty politics and fiefdom management.

    Time to act like the ambitious city we are.

  • Peter Vander Klippe says,

    We need to keep supporting more cost effective means of transportation in our city. We can't afford the space or pollution that a car focused transportation network requires.

  • Julianna Beckett says,

    Transit affects us all in Hamilton, and efficient, effective and inexpensive transit is a priority for me as a voter. The bus lane allows our buses to run quickly through our downtown corridor, which is important to people going to work, school, appointments, social events, etc. Please do not cut this off at the knees - support it, keep it, and build it up.

  • Mary Flynn supports this.
  • Laura Parker says,

    I cycle, drive and take HSR along King St. and I strongly support the bus lane. This is the first small step towards a more efficient transit system in Hamilton. Killing this project now would be an enormous step backwards.

  • Jan Dick says,

    I am in Grade 7 but soon I will need to ride the bus to high school every day. Keep the bus lane and make transit even better.

  • Judith Bishop supports this.
  • John Clinton says,

    I love living in downtown Hamilton. Let's make an expanded bus lane permanent until the LRT is completed.

  • Mark Richardson says,

    I only drive in Hamilton, but I fully support the bus lane in it's current configuration and would like to see it extended from Eastgate to McMaster. The young people finishing education at McMaster and Mohawk generally have no interest in owning vehicles. If Hamilton wants to retain this positive force of youth and change, we must deliver the transit infrastructure required to make living in Hamilton attractive, convenient and affordable. Only a leadership of selfish fools would turn their back on the future, and the future IS now. Keep the bus lane and extend it from Dundas to Stoney Creek.

  • Ellen Morris says,

    I think we need to be doing everything possible to improve and support public transit for those already using it, and to make it more appealing, so that more people will forgo using their cars in favour of using a a clean, efficient public system.

  • ciara mckeown says,

    Transit options are important in a growing city, and as someone who neither owns a car nor has the desire to, I have as much right to efficiency and options in my city. Staff recommendations were keep bus lane with improvements. By not doing this, you are blocking out a whole portion of this city's population who need and want to take the bus. And in 2015, with a view to the future, we should not be putting cars first. It's not what our growing downtown needs.

  • Kevin Farrugia supports this.
  • Dave hauch supports this.
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