Bike Lanes for Cannon Street by 2015? Yes We Cannon!

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  • Rebecca Hynes says,

    Living in central Hamilton we have been making an attempt to do more, without using our vehicle. However as a mom of three small children, it is imperative that their are safe routes through our city to help meet the goal.
    Cannon would be a wonderful candidate for steps to be made to make it bike friendly, as it seems i is a road we need to avoid at this time for the lack of safety for our family.

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  • Rebekah Driegen says,

    I would love to be able to comfortably ride my bike through the city. I often hesitate to do so because I'm nervous to ride in traffic where so many people are not looking out for bikers. I live downtown and want to take advantage of being able to bike instead of drive everywhere. It's good for the environment not to mention a great way to know and enjoy my city!

  • Helen Hart says,

    Bikelanes are the way of the future for a healthy safe hamilton.

  • Emma Ditchburn supports this.
  • Ian Brisbin says,

    Having recently experienced the Bixi Bike system in Toronto and seeing how easily main arteries can be made safe and accessible to cycle traffic, the harrowing cycling environment of Hamilton's east-west corridors must be remedied.

    I am an experienced, passionate cyclist, and I have ridden Main W from Dundurn to Locke on two occasions, and hope to never have to ride on Main or King Streets in their current configuration ever again.

    I wholeheartedly support the development of this infrastructure both on recreational and economic development bases.

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  • Peter Benton says,

    this move would set Hamilton apart as a city. Familes and people commited to human powered transport and low emissions would make great use of this to access local businesses and attractions. Let's do it!

  • Ryan Janssen says,

    As a resident of Hamilton who does not own a car and relies primarily on cycling for my transportation, I fully endorse this movement's goal.

    Cycling in the city is almost laughably dangerous: combine the speeding cars, potholes, parallel-bar sewer grates, and uneven pavement (not to mention, of course, the disjointed 100 metre stretches of bike lanes that, in some cases, deposit you onto a 400 series highway), and you have the very reason why there are not more cyclists in Hamilton.

    Creating substantial bicycling infrastructure that actually makes it worthwhile to own a bicycle in Hamilton should be a priority. The economic, health, social, and environmental benefits of a city populace that relies on non-automotive modes of transportation should merit at least a painted line, if not a fully separated bike lane.

    I love this city - and I would like city council to put into practice their stated aims of making Hamilton the best place to raise a family.

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  • Joanna St Jacques says,

    If I cannot take my children for a walk down Barton street due to the narrow and hazardous side walks and unsafe conditions we should at least make Cannon street safer for pedestrians, those on bikes and families. It's time.

  • Kathleen Burns says,

    I live on Cannon Street and I am an avid cyclist. I would love love love to see a bi-directional bike lane put in place.

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  • Michael Burns supports this.
  • ALICIA RIDGE says,

    I ride my bike down Cannon. I take up a FULL LANE outside of the parked cars lane-- because it is NOT SAFE not to do so. Therefore I SLOW DOWN TRAFFIC. I get yelled at and sometimes cars attempt to/ threaten to hit me because of their 'highway mentality' right in the middle of our neighbourhood. It's not ok! Bike lanes are needed here because lots of people ride bikes down here as their main form of travel!

  • Jessica Murphy supports this.
  • Katherine McLean says,

    I don't ride my bike as often as I would like for fear of getting into an accident. However, this lane would be a great incentive to bike more often. Not only for enjoyment and exercise, but also to run errands efficiently (without harming the environment) It's nice to ride trails, but some people use bicycles as a car and to have our own lane would be extremely beneficial to our choice of lifestyle.

  • David Colacci says,

    Bike lanes should only be a starting point. Give Cannon back to its residents.

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  • Chris Erl says,

    No matter where you live in our great city, a strong network of bike lanes is essential to the strong, sustainable, progressive development of our city.

  • amanda gall says,

    Great idea!!!

  • Alejandro Ramos says,

    Get with the times!
    Put the lanes in!

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