Bike Lanes for Cannon Street by 2015? Yes We Cannon!

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  • Ron Tuininga supports this.
  • Leslie Falzone says,

    I ride my bike to work, I have to use side roads which means I travel quite a way south in order to get to westdale safely for work. I would love to be able to travel on Cannon and then use the bike lane on Dundurn and across the King street bridge. It will also make it possible to travel to the Hamilton Farmers market more easily. I am almost fifty years old and ride my bicycle as a means of transportation and a daily way to exercise. My husband and I own two vehicles, so riding a bike to work is a choice. I think this will help keep me healthy and in my own home long after I am able to retire.

  • Josh Hewko says,

    As someone who drives a car and rides a bike I think this would be an excellent idea!

  • Marija Zupanic supports this.
  • Adam King supports this.
  • Paul Sousa says,

    This is the right time for this to happen. The areas surrounding Cannon Street are coming back to life and one of the remaining obstacles to progress is the current state of Cannon Street and its aggressive assault on the local neighbourhood's vitality and livability.

  • Eric Minden says,

    As a both a motorist and cyclist, I appreciate the need to balance the interests of both types of traffic. Traffic on Cannon flows excellently across the majority of the street. Removing one lane would not significantly impact motorists in a negative way and would provide a further incentive for commuters to choose cycling. This would help in reducing congestion and parking issues especially in the downtown core.

  • Sarah Mcalister says,

    My boyfriend lives downtown and I enjoy walking, running and biking. I want a safe place for myself and the community can enjoy what Hamilton has to offer!

  • nancy wilson supports this.
  • Genevieve Romanek supports this.
  • Connie Kidd says,

    A bike lane on Cannon is desperately needed for safe bike commuting for work, shopping and leisure riders.
    I suggest staging a bike ride demonstration along the route asap.

  • Kathy Woo says,

    Bikes rule!

  • Evan Pray says,

    Great potential on Cannon! I have been on the separated bike lanes in Montreal and it was great. Safe and Quick!

  • Ryan Moran says,

    Easily one of the most problematic streets in urban Hamilton, needs calming measures desperately.

  • Chad Ingles supports this.
  • Sonya Fink says,

    More accessible and secure bike lanes will encourage more people travel by bicycle without fear of motorists. More bicycle-safe routes throughout the city will encourage cyclists to feel safe using those routes instead of resorting to sidewalks to avoid automobile traffic.

  • diane beatty wearing says,

    I love this idea

  • Justin Jones says,

    There is no time like right now to leave our city a legacy of safe, effective cycling infrastructure for all Hamiltonians. All residents, regardless of how they choose to get around the city, have a right to feel safe on our streets. Right now, cyclists and pedestrians are marginalized and pushed off to the side so that motorized vehicles can race through our downtown neighbourhoods as fast as possible. That is not how you build a prosperous city - you build a prosperous city by connecting people to their local community, by making children and families feel safe, and by giving people the option to use their bike to get to and from work, stores and anywhere else they need to go. This is a simple step, but one that will have huge implications for how people get around this city. We can't afford to wait any longer!

  • Abram Bergen says,

    I support a separated, 2-way cycle track along the entire length of Cannon St. I would love to see one on Main St as well, and on some major north/south streets, but Cannon is a great candidate to begin the process.

    The world's most cycle-friendly cities--Montreal was the only North American city to make the recent top 20 Copenhagenize list--are also the most livable cities. Livable cities have more active, healthy, connected, engaged, productive and happy populations. And in all of them there exists good cycling infrastructure, including separated tracks in and through the core, along with reduced speed limits and more pedestrian-friendly design.

    Let's join the leaders in cycle-friendly, pedestrian-friendly, livable city design. We can do it. We just need the political will. Many passionate, creative, engaged citizens are behind this move. Let's start with Cannon!

  • david brace supports this.
  • Peter Vander Klippe supports this.
  • Christine Harris supports this.
  • Lisa Hammond supports this.
  • Harrison Cruikshank says,

    I fully support the expansion of cycling infrastructure in Hamilton.

  • Dave Hamilton says,

    Why wouldn't I support something that literally benefits everyone, both directly and indirectly? Pedestrians, cyclists, motorists, lovers of our beautiful city, and those committed to Hamilton reaching it's full potential, all gifted with a safe and economical way to get around. Let's show the world in 2015 that Hamilton can lead the way. Yes We Cannon!

  • Chris Krnezich says,

    As a mountain resident. I fully support full length bike plans on Cannon street. It is time for the residents there to reclaim the streets and make them liveable once again. There is no better time than now to show the world that are a progressive, ambitious city once again. Lets get this done.

  • Danielle Moed supports this.
  • Andrea Pohlmann supports this.
  • James Williams supports this.
  • Daniel Botham says,

    I often choose to leave my bike at home when I travel down Cannon Street because there really is no safe cycling route. Bike lanes on Cannon street would increase safety for cyclists and support this neighbourhood in achieving its full potential as a thriving, livable community!

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