Bike Lanes for Cannon Street by 2015? Yes We Cannon!

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  • Diana Almonte supports this.
  • Rob Parsons says,

    I live and work in Hamilton and I ride my bike every day. This will make Hamilton an even friendlier bike friendly city!

  • Callie Parsons says,

    Would love to see a designated bike lane on Cannon St.

  • Erika Donald supports this.
  • Jean Fair says,

    The bike lane should be on the north side of the road with parking immediately south of it. South of that would be for cars. This allows more protection for the cyclists.

  • Ron Bernardo says,

    I work right at the corner of Cannon and Wentworth. During the morning and afternoon rush hours, Cannon St. East sounded like a drag race track rather than a road. Car will race each other to gain speed at the stop light on Wentworth, and if you are riding your bicycle, you better step aside or you will be ran over.

    Putting a two way bike lane will regulate this driver madness along Cannon St. as drivers will become more aware they have to share the road with fellow commuters.

  • Stephanie Bontoft says,

    I would love to start cycling across the city, but my only East-West choice in the lower city has been Barton St. E. I would never feel safe cycling along this very busy street!

  • Tegan Moss says,

    As a professional engaged in the promotion of accessible transportation, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of creating infrastructure which is safe and highly visible as a means to encourage greater use of active transportation.

    I strongly encourage the City of Hamilton to make the fiscal, infrastructural, and political changes necessary to ensure that Cannon street has separated bi-directional cycling lanes by 2015.

  • Nadia Ben dahmane supports this.
  • Naomi DeWolfsmith says,

    For the reasons of air quality and making Hamilton a better place to live!

  • Virginia Ashberry says,


    I just started riding a bike again after being off one for 43 years.
    It will be amazing to have safe bike lanes only 2 dorrs from my house.

    THANK YOU !!

  • Kevin Davies says,

    Progressive cities need to plan all types of transit, cycling included.

  • Mallorie Edward says,

    As a cyclists in the city who often uses Cannon Street I would truly appreciate a designated lane for better flow of traffic and safety!

  • James Scarfone says,

    I strongly support the complete streets initiative for Cannon Street and across the rest of the downtown core.

  • Graeme MacKay says,

    Make Cannon cool - build bike lanes!

  • Artie Novikov says,

    This is a must, forward thinking cities are realizing the importance of creating a welcome environment for bicycle transportation, and citizens of these cities appreciate it. Hamilton will reap HUGE rewards if they choose to implement these (AND MORE) bike lanes throughout this city.

  • Robert Ruggiero says,

    Two way streets are necessary to improve streetlife, and vitality to Hamilton.

  • Brent Kinnaird supports this.
  • Cameron Kowalchuk supports this.
  • Ross Clark says,

    I currently live in Nova Scotia, but I plan to move to Hamilton in the not-too-
    distant future. I am an avid cyclist, so bike lanes added to any street in Hamilton would be a great incentive to move there as soon as possible. Keep up the good work.

  • Adam Matheson says,

    Good work on this movement! I am a first year med student who just moved here. After hearing only bad things about Hamilton, I was so surprised when I moved here to find a vibrant, friendly, and beautiful city. I will be done school in a couple of years and will be looking for a city to practice in. Hamilton is definitely on my list, but it lacks a few important elements, the first of which is a bike friendly infrastructure for bikers like myself. I want to bike to school, work, the grocery store, the harbour front, the parks…..but I don't want to do so at the risk of my life. Hamilton should follow the trend of other great cities of the world like Montreal, Portland, Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Vancouver; and create a network of divided (protected from the street traffic) bike lanes around the city. It's a win-win situation for all, whether you are a biker, a driver, a public transit rider. The environmental and health benefits are obvious, and creating a safe bike-able city for the young, the old, the wealthy and the non-wealthy would be a big factor in whether someone like me chooses to make this city their home:)

  • Elliot Wiechula says,

    Taking just some cars off the street makes for more efficient traffic flow and safer travel for everyone, cars, bikers and pedestrians alike.

  • Ty Berry supports this.
  • Gabe Nedden supports this.
  • Tracy McGregor says,

    I support this wholeheartedly!

  • Ilya Pinassi says,

    Having worked on Cannon and spent a fair amount of time using the route to travel by car, I feel a designated bike lane could be accomplished with limited impact to current vehicular traffic. As important, encouraging different modes of transportation (and supporting all of them) will lead to a more pleasant environment in which to live and work.

  • Katherine Hollands supports this.
  • Collin Schmidt says,

    I agree with Alicia ridge's statement. I spent years riding my bike in fear in the down town area. The potential hazard of getting struck by a vehicle was enough to manufacture anxiety in just about anyone riding a bike.

  • Matt Pinder says,

    I've cycled across town on Barton many times and I can definitely say there is a strong need for bike lanes - it's just not safe enough without a protected lane. This would be an amazing link in Hamilton's bike lane system!

  • Cara Pray supports this.
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