Bike Lanes for Cannon Street by 2015? Yes We Cannon!

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  • Jason Morse supports this.
  • Jennifer Morse supports this.
  • Justin Coombs says,

    Bike lanes please. Safer riding.

  • Michael Bot says,

    Put more bike Lanes!

  • Samantha Green says,

    Active commuting is a beneficial form of exercise: it is time efficient and its health benefits have been well studied. Benefits of walking and biking regularly include but are not limited to lower rates of heart disease and stroke, lower rates of dementia, improved mental health, and lower overall mortality. Studies of active commuting have demonstrated direct improvement in these health outcomes.
    Well-designed infrastructure leads more people to walk and bike to work. Moreover, workplace active commuting interventions have led to dramatic improvements in active commuting rates. A well-designed physical environment is important for motivating people to walk and bike to work, and it is imperative for pedestrian and cyclist safety. Indeed, one recent study demonstrated that safe infrastructure lowers the morbidity and mortality associated with traffic accidents, and encourages people to participate in active commuting.
    As a family physician in Hamilton, I strongly urge the City to act to make the downtown core a safer and easier place to bicycle. The time is now and Cannon Street is the place!

  • labika ghani says,

    Having a bike route will be an a great environmentally friendly way to travel! Great for the future of Hamilton :)

  • paul vermaat says,

    As part of the creative collective who runs his business, PV Imaging, out of the Cannon 205 Studios Complex along this inner city highway, I give my full support for this highly important initiative. I have seen first hand accidents at the corner of Cannon and Wellington because of the speed that cars travel this route, and I've also seen a few near misses (thankfully) of kids crossing this dangerous road on their way home. Not only am I for a dedicated bike lane along the length of Cannon, but would also like to see the entire stretch made into a two way street.

  • Rhiana Ehara supports this.
  • Chie Matsumoto supports this.
  • Jim Ruxton says,

    Our baby turns one soon meaning we will be able to bike with her. It would be so much safer for her if there was a bike lane for us to travel in. Please make this a reality for our childrens safety.

  • teresa wetton supports this.
  • kyath battie supports this.
  • Damian Szydlo supports this.
  • Natasha Kelly supports this.
  • Natasha Kelly supports this.
  • Erin Shacklette says,

    As a citizen of Hamilton who does not own a vehicle, I rely on HSR, walking and bicycling to move about the city. I am afraid to ride my bike along Major thoroughfares in Hamilton as I have been cut off several times riding downtown. I slow down vehicular traffic causing drivers to become more agressive as they attempt to pass. This increases the risk to both myself and the driver. I can't legally ride on the sidewalks and have yelled at by people telling me to get on the road but I do so for fear of my life(the high # of one way streets is also a pain for cyclists). If we had a full East-West dedicated bike lane, I would feel safer on the roads and would be more likely to ride my bike rather than leave it locked up year round gathering dust.

  • Bianca Popescu supports this.
  • Trish Vanson says,

    I am a mild weather bike-when-I-can person, since I don't commute but work from home. I cope better than most with traffic, but I see so many adults riding on sidewalks and I know that they are afraid of the traffic and wouldn't cycle at all if they couldn't use a car-free place like a sidewalk. We need more bike lanes to help people feel and be safer.

    But please don't put one in unless it is continuous! Do it right!

  • Nandini Thiyagarajan supports this.
  • Jason Leach says,

    Cannon St at it's busiest point carries the same volume of traffic as Roncesvalles and Lansdowne in Toronto:

    We don't need a 4-lane freeway when we could have this:

  • Pateicia Strumg supports this.
  • Joan Stewart supports this.
  • Annette Paiement says,

    More bike lanes means more people riding bikes and less pollution, citizens who are fit and motivated. I say why would you not!

  • Amanda Carey says,

    As a cyclist I follow the rules of the road and take the safest route possible, sometimes taking me out of my way on a quite circuitous route. A route across the city is definitely needed.

  • Ruth Ward says,

    Yes, PLEASE! I would ride to the GO so much more often if there was a safe way to get there from here. I live 1/2 block from Cannon St, and it seems to be the perfect place for a bike corridor. I know I would use it!

  • Ben Keller supports this.
  • Tamara Watson says,

    Great idea! And very much needed.

  • Agata Mancini says,

    It is time for Hamilton City Council to be progressive and to help the City move in the direction its citizens have been guiding it instead of hampering their efforts. Please make this happen and make Hamilton and example of what TO do.

  • Katharine Morrison supports this.
  • Anne Marie Pavlov supports this.
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