Bike Lanes for Cannon Street by 2015? Yes We Cannon!

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  • Salina Dang supports this.
  • Alex Rees says,

    Share the road.

  • Bob Allisat supports this.
  • Davor Mihalji says,

    Live not far from Cannon and would be a great and safer option to use designated bike lanes to get around downtown.

  • Chris Ewing-Weisz says,

    I often get around by bike, and am happy to notice that many others do too, but there is a noticeable lack of safe, convenient routes for getting back and forth across the lower city. Especially with the Pan Am Games and the new GO station coming in, this is the right time to address this issue.

  • Kevin Miller says,

    I ride my bike along Cannon everyday to work when the weather is nice. Having a bike lane would be a great improvement.

  • michele baker says,

    Come on Hamilton, bikes are a fabulous green alternative but you have to make conditions ripe for people--King St is far too busy. We should be trying to encourage growth and green at the same time--BIKE ME!!

  • Theresa McCuaig supports this.
  • Turlough O'Hare says,

    Cannon is a great start to making the masses feel safe on bikes and will boost business along that corridor.

  • Trish Vanson supports this.
  • aaron neal supports this.
  • Christopher White says,

    Please strongly consider the benefits of opening up Cannon to people and not just vehicles. Treat Hamilton as a place to travel to, not travel through.

  • Wendy Reuter says,

    I applaude Hamilton for taking on this initiative and their strategy of Complete Streets.

    Providing people in the community with travel options including walking, cycling, and transit as well as the car reduces the social, health and economic impacts of disparities between neighbourhoods, encourages active and sustainable transportation, and improves overall livability.

  • Chris Spark says,

    Bring it to Victoria Ave North too!

  • Helena Schuurman says,

    This is an important investment in the future of a greener, friendlier Hamilton.

  • prof premraj pushpakaran supports this.
  • Sarah Leyenaar says,

    Due to unreasonably high insurance costs we have had to make the choice to not have a car. We are a family of 4 and need safe accesses to bike around the city.
    Let's make biking safe and possible for us all!

  • Christine Triggs supports this.
  • Lee Aiken supports this.
  • Mark Robbins supports this.
  • Maria Castelli Lemez supports this.
  • Kevin Love says,

    Part way there!

    What has been installed is good, but it stops abruptly at Sherman.

    This petition calls for the lanes to go to Kenilworth for a very good reason: People's trips don't all stop at Sherman.

    I understand from City staff that their current plan is for the protected cycle lanes to NOT extend beyond Sherman. Instead, we are going to be fobbed off with crap ranging from unprotected lines of paint to... nothing.

    I would like to call for the protected cycle lanes to extend to Kenilworth, as this petition requests. Here is a video showing a good design of a two-way street with protected cycle paths. This is what we need. See:

  • Kelley Mills says,

    So happy we have forward thinkers in our vity. If you build it they will ride! Go grassroots!

  • Jay Klepacs supports this.
  • Jay Klepacs supports this.
  • donald trump says,

    I think this is a grand idea! Cycling is a very important sport! I think that with the help of this handy dandy petition, we can use your bicycles to cure world hunger! Cyclists are the superheros of the world! We need this bike lane! U R SO RIGHT! you go girl

  • ronald mcdonald says,

    YES WE CANNON! This is a great ides! I've lived on Cannon Street for over 90 years and this would be a great opportunity for me and my darling bicycle to make new memories together before I go off to the bicycle lane in the sky... thank you so much :)

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