Bike Lanes for Cannon Street by 2015? Yes We Cannon!

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  • Scott Aasman supports this.
  • Jenn Leroux says,

    I live on beach blvd. there is no SAFE way to get to James st. Please create these lanes!!!

  • Tara James says,

    Yes! I support this 100%. There have been so many times that I have ridden my bike down Cannon and have almost been nailed by a car or a truck. It is a street that is a main vein through the city. With bike lanes on this street, it will increase the flow of people down toward Ottawa street and the neighbourhoods in the east end of Hamilton. It will create a safe, commutable route, and it will inspire people to explore the city they live in!

  • Sarah Martin supports this.
  • Becky Noftle supports this.
  • Sean Gadoury says,

    As an avid cyclist in the city who does not own a car, I sometimes find it difficult to navigate my route through one way streets. Sometimes I am forced to use the sidewalks to get to my destination or for saftey's sake as there are not dedicated bikelanes. I would like to see Hamilton embrace cycling especially in it's downtown as a main mode of transportation.

  • Randell Neudorf says,

    I have to bike to work down Cannon and it would be amazing to see dedicated bike lanes.

    It never feels safe on Cannon when cars fly past you leaving only inches to spare.

    Bike lanes would also improve the street for residents. It would create a stronger feeling of community and encourage residents to put down roots on the street apposed to only passing through until they find a nicer street to live on.

    I look forward to seeing Cannon Street being re-imagined creatively as an amazing bike route.

  • Suzanne Kelly says,

    "My" part of Cannon is little more than an urban speedway for cars with a seemingly second-thought border of small businesses chugging along valiantly but, not always successfully, and houses shuttered against the din of racing cars and toxic exhaust fumes. No one would mistake it for a vibrant community as it stands now but, the potential of Cannon is enormous. Some of the City's most striking architectural heritage runs along it along with a striking arbourscape. It cries out for sidewalk planters, traffic calming measures, bike lanes and so much more to bring it back to the visually lush and engaging neighbourhood it once was.

  • Laura Ryan says,

    I endorse this proposal fully and ask that the city of Hamilton undertake necessary traffic and road studies as soon as possible. I would also like to reinforce the importance of this as a goal to be met by 2015, the Pan Am games and the new lower city high school. There are already no less than 10 elementary and secondary schools situated along this corridor between Hess Street and Kenilworth avenue, not to mention the parks, residences, businesses and services.

  • Tanya Ritchie says,

    Cannon Street needs this, as a first step to making it a great street on which to live, work and play. There are several school zones along the length of the street, and these children have the right to get to and from school more safely, rather than what is now essentially a highway.

  • Brooks Reynolds supports this.
  • Micah van Dijk says,

    This is a great idea for bike safety!

  • Ashley Coles supports this.
  • Arlinda Kooiman says,

    People need safety as they value a slower transportation that allows them to "smell the roses" in life. Besides the healthier air without fumes we can also give our children healthier values.

  • Donna Reid says,

    In order to create walkable & cyclable neighbourhoods we must slow down the Cannon freeway traffic! NOW!

  • Jeremy Parsons says,

    I think it's a great idea! Walkable, bikeable neighbourhoods are what urban life is all about!

  • Kathleen Quinn says,

    Hamilton needs this and let's get some real action.

  • Joanna Olsen supports this.
  • David Miller says,

    Please bring our city into the modern age and listen to what the studies and the citizens are telling you.

  • Jessica Scott supports this.
  • Naomi Stewart says,

    Changing the modes of transportation in a city away from cars is vital to strengthening community relations and economically beneficial. Having lanes for cyclists reduces the wear and tear on any road. Additionally it lowering motorized emissions, which has numerous indirect economic benefits for the city, primarily through the reduction in healthcare demand, as cyclists are getting exercise and improving air quality, lowering potential costs to the healthcare system. Finally, having bicycle lanes prevents dangerous accidents that occur when you have a cyclist in a busy road lane, with drivers that are unfamiliar with or uncaring of a cyclists rights. The cost of a single cyclist accident on the healthcare system could be the same amount it would cost to paint the lane in. Encouraging multiple modes of transportation access is vital to a healthy community.

  • Alexandra Pope says,

    I support this!

  • Nadia Pett supports this.
  • Maureen Wilson says,

    Families, individuals and businesses in and around Cannon deserve the right to live in a safe and secure urban environment just like everyone else in Hamilton. It is a neighbourhood, but we treat it like a thoroughfare. "Do no harm" should be our oath. So, let's do some good.

  • Brendan Wetton supports this.
  • John Vraets supports this.
  • Susan Van Daalen supports this.
  • Matthew Zantingh says,

    As a cyclist who regularly travels from west Hamilton to the east end, the lack of a direct and safe route makes my trips more nerve-wracking than they need to be. I often use Cannon as my route, but am not comfortable with the amount of traffic that comes in waves. I commute by bike daily to McMaster from Locke and Aberdeen. With the construction of the Studholme bike path, my commute has become much more safe and efficient. Whereas I used to take the bus two or three times a week, I now cycle year round and take the bus very rarely. Changing Cannon into a bike-friendly street would have a similar effect and create a bicycle-friendly corridor across the city.

  • Gary Dennis supports this.
  • Brooke Lachapelle supports this.
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