Bike Lanes for Cannon Street by 2015? Yes We Cannon!

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  • Meghan Hers says,

    I bike Cannon everyday to get to work in Hamilton's downtown core, and consistently feel in danger and isolated while doing so. Bike lanes on Cannon would make my commute so much easier and safer, and build a cycling community in the city. I support this campaign all the way!

  • jolene andrews says,

    I may noy be an avid cyclist but i respect and appteciate a need for a safe way for people to cycle through the city and for all the reasons listed above, this is a fantastic idea

  • Krista Binnington says,

    Amazing work guys, this project is clearly taking a lot of time and effort and it's wonderful. Be encouraged. You are making an incredible difference and it's great to know there are people who care about Hamilton, and care about safety and sustainability and FUN!

  • Abby Craig says,

    Bike lanes will make Hamilton so much better. It will make transportation safer and more accessible. This initiative shows that Hamilton is innovative. This is an encouragement to other cities and shows incredible leadership. Yes we cannon!

  • Jacklyn Warmington supports this.
  • Lindsay Hoekstra says,

    Hamilton needs to be more pedestrian friendly. Some people's only method of transportation is a bicycle and therefore we need to make the roads safe for them too.

  • Jesse Korgemaa says,

    As someone who can not afford to buy a car and maintain it, I use my bicycle as my primary form of transportation year round. Having recently moved to Hamilton I have found planning routes to be rather difficult due partly to the busyness and speed of one way streets, and partly due to the quality of many of the roads. Making my way from east to west and back along the north end is a nearly impossible task. Barton has pot holes over large sections of the street, and cannon is far too busy and dangerous.

  • Troy Witherow supports this.
  • Chelsea Sek supports this.
  • THOMAS SHEPHERD supports this.
  • Michael Johnston says,

    Please start following through with the Shifting Gears Bicycle Master Plan by constructing continuous & usable bike lanes in Hamilton.

  • Mark Gresch says,

    I wholly support having a large, continuous bike route going through our city and to the new Pan Am site. Cannon St should also be a candidate for traffic calming measures, and if at at possible, to be closed at the Pan Am prescient to expand the footprint.

  • Allan Taylor supports this.
  • Aidan Hennebry says,

    Make bike lanes!

  • Robyn Perry says,

    I would ride my bike if I felt safer on the streets, and this bike lane would help protect cyclists' safety!

  • Seth Enriquez supports this.
  • Sam Loaker says,

    It would save lives, promote safety, bring more people on bikes than in a car whereby helping the environment and offering an easy way to exercise. I don't understand why this wouldn't be done.

  • Ed Witvoet supports this.
  • Jesse Schlarb says,

    Let's do this!

    Help promote safe cycling in the wonderful growing city of Hamilton.

    Let's license cyclists as well, to ensure educated cyclists are on the streets, and to allow for proper enforcement of traffic rules on cyclists. This will promote safe cycling, and possibly offset some of the costs, and create jobs!

    Safe cycling lanes, safe cyclists, more jobs! let's do it!

  • Zachery Ellis says,

    As a semi experienced cyclist I cannot express further my interest in having more reasonable and safe ways to travel express through the city. I would very much love to have this kind of access to travel about Hamilton and it's downtown core!

  • Zach Cano says,

    Hamilton's Vision 2020 requires a transportation system that serves all modes of transit, and cycling is a major part of this. East-west bike lanes throughout the city are therefore critical to fulfilling this vision. Continuous two-way bike lanes along Cannon Street would create a safe, healthy, sustainable and economically viable transit option, one which is currently unavailable to thousands of Hamiltonians in the city’s North End.

  • Paul Elia says,

    This is the giant leap forward that Hamilton needs to take to become the city we are dreaming of!

  • Jeff Neven says,

    Please help to promote safe and healthy biking. Our citizens, our neighbourhoods, and our city will be better for it!

  • kevyn wright says,

    Bike lanes on Cannon would be nice, but more importantly Cannon needs to be repaved. It's one of the bumpiest and pothole-ridden steets in the city. Simply painting lanes over the current asphalt would be redundant.

  • sterling holmes says,

    very important to improve safety for cyclists if we are to reduce car use. also many tourists will be from countries that rely on bike use heavily and those tourists will want to get around on bikes, not rent cars. finally, let's help the the people that live on those heavily-travelled streets like cannon to reduce the health impacts by reducing car use.

  • Brandi Lee MacDonald says,

    It's about time.

  • Lenore Lukasik-Foss says,

    This is really needed on Cannon. It's currently unsafe to ride bikes on this street - the cars drive VERY fast. thanks

  • Michael Mileski says,

    I nearly died on Cannon while riding my bike legally and safely on my job to a church! Please put in bike lanes to minimize the risk that I'll die this way. Thanks loads. :)

  • Hans Kassner says,

    Great idea

  • Andrew Waring supports this.
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