Bike Lanes for Cannon Street by 2015? Yes We Cannon!

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  • Robin Lockhart supports this.
  • Liz Bowerman supports this.
  • Jamie Allen says,

    I biked down from that end of the city for more than a year. Cannon Street is like biking down the side of a 400 series highway. Please add bike lanes.

  • manon marquis says,

    bike lane now!! Bike lane now!!

  • Amy Lafleur says,

    Safer for cyclists and drivers!

  • Justin Wood says,

    Hamilton needs more bike lanes!

  • Brendan Simons` says,

    I work in Stoney Creek. I live in Durand. I use Cannon street already for the trip home because it has so much excess lane capacity that I can take up a whole lane. Bike lanes would let many people who aren't as confident as me bike across the lower city safely.

    Take a look at the city's cycling map. There is currently no recommended route across the lower city for cyclists. Given how linear Hamilton is shaped, it's hard to believe we haven't done this yet!

    Take a look at the houses along Cannon. These used to be healthy neighbourhoods before we drove a highway through people's front yards. Let's return some quality of life to the area!

  • Rachel Wallace says,

    As one who rides with young children, I would be so grateful for a designated bike lane!

  • Kara Fauser says,

    When I first moved to Hamilton I was excited to be able to bike around the city to get around, even though we had a car. With the King Street bridge bike lanes now being open for business, it has been amazing how much more accessible the city is. I can only imagine how wonderful it will be once this movement is successful and we have Cannon Street as one more street that is safely accessible to all modes of transportation!

  • Kate Hand says,

    I have a business on Cannon Street and would love to ride my bike to work. I don't because the quick moving pace and high volume of traffic make me feel extremely unsafe on my bike. If there was a multi-directional bike lane on Cannon I would ride my bike everywhere in lower Hamilton!

  • Chris Palin says,

    We need way more bike lanes downtown!

  • Peter bergen supports this.
  • Andrew Hibma says,

    We need a safe route across the lower city as cyclists. The city has made great strides so far and this is the next piece in the puzzle!

  • Brett Bailey says,

    I love to ride but don't feel safe getting to downtown.

  • Jeff Watson supports this.
  • Nicola Gladwell says,

    I currently go out of my way to avoid Cannon, even though it is the most direct route to downtown. So excited to have bike lanes!

  • Stefan Murray supports this.
  • Svava Juliusson supports this.
  • Peter bergen supports this.
  • Rob Bunter says,

    If there were bike lanes on Canon i'd ride them everyday

  • Ryan Price says,

    Taking York downtown is a great with the bike lanes in place. Getting back out, however, is terrifying as one rides along Cannon.

    Cannon is unfit for cyclists, just like King and Main. Give cyclists the same opportunity to commute through the core as the drivers.

  • Rachel braithwaite says,

    Can we add some greenery too - trees or grass would be nice:-)

  • Craig Mckersie supports this.
  • Caleb Ratzlaff supports this.
  • Julie Holmes says,


  • Lance Cole says,

    Regardless of automobile lanes maintaining status quo or two-way conversion, bike lanes are necessary.
    Thank You for the awareness & action on this progression for our city‘s livability.

  • Dan Leytham says,

    This needs to happen!

  • cassandra patterson supports this.
  • Casey Park says,

    The lack of infrastructure for sustainable and efficient modes of transportation in this city is appalling.

    It's time for Hamilton to outgrow its bicyclephobia and car-centrism.

  • Daniel Dell says,

    Complete streets can benefit everyone in our city. As a driver and a cyclist, a commuter and a parent, I know how positive the impact of complete streets can be for our community. Providing safer streets and better transportation are directly related to a healthy future for our city and can help us reach our goal of making Hamilton a better place to raise a child.

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