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  • Yissee Yissee says,

    Montrose, Midtown, Downtown, Houston Heights, and the Museum District are all good, safe walkable noiuhbogrhoeds in Houston. Downtown and the Museum District are well-connected with light rail, and all of the noiuhbogrhoeds I listed have good bus service if you get sick of walking.References : experience

  • Damiana Damiana says,

    Please let these people get a chcnae to hear what the city is doing and address there concerns. If you where there on Tuesday you would know that the city did not give the folks a proper notification. This is the only section of the trail that will be going trough adjacent back yards. They know the area better then any of us. They are not opposed to the trails being developed. They just want it done right if the city is going to do this. There has been crime developing in that area lately. This phase will not have lights back there and most people do not exercise in the middle of the night. Plus there are concerns what will be done for safety for the school kids and people using the trails crossing the roads. 20th and 29th are busy roads. Plus residents with kids want to know about the buffer zones (if any) and the privacy issue. This will be a high traffic trail and they do have the right to address there concerns. 10 years in the making and only 2 meetings. They need to be informed better and the city needs to listen and act on what they say. Lets do it right the first time instead of having possible problems later.

  • Surabhi Surabhi says,

    Another possible (and potvsiie) correlate may result: As people migrate to more walkable cities, overall population health will likely improve. This isn't just anecdotal speculation obesity rates are far lower in places like Manhattan versus less walkable locales.

  • Dylan Dylan says,

    That's a mold-breaker. Great thikinng!

  • Vanessa Vanessa says,

    You've really impersesd me with that answer!

  • Rodrigo Rodrigo says,

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  • Man Man says,

    Paul, yes we are ready. We are ready because we have Mark Hamilton who knows how to bring Neothink into an unlicivized world. With Mark Hamilton we will create a world of creative people. He knows how to bring this about and we are learning how under his loving care.KayNew York City

  • Gisela Gisela says,

    Just checked back. My conrer of Fayetteville got a 25, which seems generous. They're counting a convenience store as a grocery store, and as far as I know, the cafe they list no longer exists, although there is a closer one that just opened. Weird tool.

  • Ayanda Ayanda says,

    Decatur Arts Festival May 28-29 Art comes to life in Georgiae2€™s most walkable city, Decatur, at the 23rd Annual Decatur Arts Festival. Over 160 arttiss from around the nation will be selling paintings, jewelry and more; cutting-edge dance; storytellers and improvisational comedy; a parade and balloon art for kids e2€“ these are just a few of the activities at this yeare2€™s Decatur Arts Festival.

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  • Joshua Joshua says,

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  • Steve Newberry supports this.
  • Karen Brookbank says,

    Let's make this city a wonderful enviornmentally friendly, family oriented community!

  • David Barhouma says,

    I support all streets becoming Walkable

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  • Susan Scharf Green says,

    I have lived in Hamilton for 40 years, 36 on the "mountain", since my son opened a business on downtown 7 years agoI have been running, walking and enjoying the beautiful downtown area. It's really itime to create a friendlier walking/biking environment. In true Hamiltonian fashion lets work together to make this happen!

  • stacey allen-cillis says,

    Safety first !

  • Patrice Palmer supports this.
  • Charlene Chua says,

    My husband and I don't have a car; we live in an area where we can walk to get most essentials. I believe walkable cities are cleaner, healthier and more friendly places to live in. Walking increases the chances of bumping into someone you know, which in turn builds relationships and allows ideas to flow. I hope that Hamilton, particularly the downtown core, will adopt a more walker-friendly attitude in its future development plans.

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