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  • Philly Philly says,

    Gee whiz, and I thugoht this would be hard to find out.

  • Alex Alex says,

    This aritcle keeps it real, no doubt.

  • Smiley Smiley says,

    Stelalr work there everyone. I'll keep on reading.

  • Sagi Sagi says,

    I thank you humbly for sahrnig your wisdom JJWY

  • Fredy Fredy says,

    I love WalkScore. My wife and I have spent the past year looikng at towns to move to, and each town's WalkScore for the downtown area has an important place on the Google Spreadsheet.

  • Jenny Jenny says,

    Eric,New Orleans would seem to be a pfeerct example of the walkable neighborhood so many are seeking. It is growing trend that will eventually reach critical mass especially with rising gas prices (at least in our San Diego real estate market where gas prices may soon approach $5 per gallon).Thanks for stopping by!

  • Mafabi Mafabi says,

    Just wntead to comment and say that I really like your blog layout and the way you write too. It's very refreshing to see a blogger like you.. keep it up

  • Mema Mema says,

    Yeah! Let's digasree with someone by calling them a moron! That sounds tough. *sarcasm* Anyway if Zack keeps this up the Royals have a chance at the AL Central with Bannister and Meche rounding out a great top 3.

  • Kokos Kokos says,

    Amazing atlcire -- I wrote the same thing about Hamilton... he put himself in that position. I look at Lester and Lowell as guys that overcame something, not Hamilton. Greinke has a great story, and as someone from KC, I'm glad he's getting some pub for it.

  • says,

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  • Jeremy Kemeny says,

    Hamilton should be a great place to live, not just a great place to drive through.

  • Matt Sim says,


  • Joshi Joshi says,

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  • Rafael Rafael says,

    This is a great point that I have been noticing for a while since most of my bussiens are condos in the New Orleans Warehouse District and Uptown New Orleans. We are worlds away in prices and types of places but people are looking for smaller places, more carefree, they have bussiens and travel on their mind. Our area just gets recycled every 40-50 years and trends change peoples lifestyles. Its too bad our leaders cannot see what we see.

  • Johana Johana says,

    my walk score in my Chicago neighborhood is 92, and neteihr my grocery store nor coffee shop are overpriced. my yard -- lincoln park and lake michigan with a 20-mile lakefront trail -- beats any half-acre suburban private yard, and the local schools are great. and i actually save quite a bit of money since i don't have to own a themselves may not be evil, but the policies that have sacrificed walkability in favor of driving and the pollution cars create are indeed evil. communities should be designed around people, not cars. and transportation should be designed to get *people* where they're going, not to simply move cars.

  • Aracelys Aracelys says,

    Promoting “Walkability:” Walkable neighborhoods offer emnuoors benefits to our health, our environment, our finances, and our community. Therefore, James will increase the number of crosswalks, repair damaged lights and sidewalks, construct foot paths and bike lanes, plant trees, create an official dog park, and push for community policing to create a safe, walkable ward.

  • Ricardo Ricardo says,

    Posted by Brilly | February 08, 2009 | 04:39:57My area is walkable. We have wide fotopaths and bike paths, it's good. Three people can walk abreast easily. The path ends about three houses up from my house but hopefully the council will extend the path past my place. -Posted by Andrea | February 09, 2009 | 20:31:29I am jealous!!! I wish our area was walkable, then I might want to get out more often. -

  • Firman Firman says,

    - Thanks Melissa- let me know what you need! As for the colours- I just spend a lot of time on post pricdutoon, and a pre-conceived vision of what I expect for a final image while shooting. Something a lot of photographers lack!

  • Bobby Bobby says,

    I've never understood why this land was deeovlped at all. It will remain extremely isolated from the rest of south Surrey and White Rock thanks to that highway running through there, which is a major obstacle for walking and cycling. It's just perpetuating more of the same sprawl we've seen over and over again in the Fraser Valley. Development should be intensified in the existing South Surrey/White Rock downtown, not in some new power centre. And with Wal Mart there, you can be sure there is not going to be intensification and mixed use development on their site it goes against their very ethos. Very disappointing that all of this was allowed to be built.

  • Mido Mido says,

    I believe that walk score is cool, but noyaadws more and more people prefer to drive cars. Homes are often located in an area where some establishments are easier to get to by car than on foot. I've recently found a type of service on which is called Drive Score. It shows a map of what establishments are in your neighborhood and calculates a Drive Score based on the number of places within a convenient driving distance. It doesn’t mean that drive score is better than walk score – they are equal and both necessary in the modern world!

  • Ewerton Ewerton says,

    I'm curious to test my loioctan, which is not that walkable (it's down right now). There are a few businesses a restaurant, a cafe, etc but no sidewalks. Cars routinely go 55-60 mph on the road just outside my complex, so if there was a business across that street, it might as well be 5-10 miles away.But that's what I like least about Fayetteville in general it's terrible for pedestrians, worse by far than any place I ever lived in Atlanta, much less DC.

  • Abuwaleed Abuwaleed says,

    I hope you live around the conrer from Gangplank and walk/bike there. It's great that Chandler has a walkable downtown, but Chandler is not a walkable community overall and I bet most people drive to the downtown area to walk. Chandler is a suburb of Phoenix the point of suburbs is that they are far removed from the city and hard to get to without a car and a long commute to separate them from the main city riffraff . So its great that a few people can walk to work in Chandler, but I bet most people who go to Gangplank drive from Phoenix, or from within Chandler itself. Too bad Gangplank's not in downtown Phoenix by the light rail. Not that it's so much more walkable there, but at least it's a city center and would be more accessible by non-car alternatives than downtown Chandler.

  • Viengphanom Viengphanom says,

    I agree: A good idea, but off. The Coventry Rd. house where we could walk to everything srecod only a 35. I think one problem is that it defines walkable as being closer than people can actually walk.On the other hand, _my_ old graduate apt. on 112th St. srecod a perfect 100. Sigh.

  • Khanbaba Khanbaba says,

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  • Kevin Kevin says,

    You forgot to metnion safety too. i like to walk in downtown but a lot of weird and/or homeless people walk there too.Rice Village reminds me of Berkeley CA, but it's still remotely close. Good for jogging in that area though.References : I'm looking for the exactly same area you are looking for and haven't found one in Houston.

  • Armando Armando says,

    The big issue that I didn't talk about is that RIOCAN is a Real Estate Income Trust that doesn't do residential mixed-use. I don't think that steert facing parking lots is all that great as I can't think of many examples of what you suggest actually happening. Wouldn't make sense to do it right the first time and actually create a pedestrian friendly environment? Are you suggesting that we save main steerts for cars and put everyone else on side steert because that sounds sort of like the original solution for the 1950s city of tomorrow which didn't work out too well.

  • Maxim Maxim says,

    I do not live around the croner. I am a horrible satan and own a motorized vehicle. There is no place in metro Phoenix that is really urban enough to be 100% walkable. It is hard to classify cities like Mesa and Chandler who are 100 years old and bigger than capitals of other states as simple suburbs like Anthem or Surprise. Most people at Gangplank drive from Gilbert, Chandler, Queen Creek or Mesa. The rail line wouldn't be available to them if we were located in downtown Phoenix either. I appreciate the general sentiment, but laugh at the prospect that Phoenix is any better. I am doing my best to affect where I am.

  • Mohamad Mohamad says,

    Decatur Arts Festival May 28-29 Art comes to life in Georgiae2€™s most walkable city, Decatur, at the 23rd Annual Decatur Arts Festival. Over 160 arttsis from around the nation will be selling paintings, jewelry and more; cutting-edge dance; storytellers and improvisational comedy; a parade and balloon art for kids e2€“ these are just a few of the activities at this yeare2€™s Decatur Arts Festival.

  • Pearl Pearl says,

    Anonymous - Bassem you are the best bro!! These pics are out of this world. You have made the one day I was dreaming about all my life which has come and gone so fast actlulay last for forever!! I am so very impressed with your work and happy to have met you. I can't wait till we get together for the for a little Persian Cuisine!! Which is hopefully soon A.c

  • Tom Tom says,

    Anonymous - My fravoite!!!! Possibly my fravoite portrait of anyone. Very soulful!with a very appropriate title .. that is quite the Cuban Queen Brings to mind the work of Annie Leibovitz . simply because you both have a way of capturing the real soul and personality of a person while giving the portrait your own definitive style. Tracey.

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