Bike Lanes for Cannon Street by 2015? Yes We Cannon!

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  • Judith Cowper Szamosi says,

    I bike as my main form of transportation in Hamilton, and it is very difficult to find good east-west roads. A bike lane on Cannon would make it a lot easier for me to get around the city.

  • Dan Charleton says,

    Please make this happen! Cyclists are at huge risk, mixed in with regular traffic. I've commuted almost 4000 kilometers over the last 2 years and narrowly avoided many accidents.

    Bikes are part of a vibrant, healthy downtown core!!

  • Steve Marck supports this.
  • Sid Slotegraaf says,

    I am part of the New Hope Bike Co-op and a common response people give us as to why they don't use their bicycle for transportation is because the roads are dangerous and not safe to ride on. Let's help improve Hamilton's network of safe cycling routes with some bike lanes on Cannon!

  • Jason Allen says,

    The time for studies (that have and will be ignored) is over. The time for action is now. All that is needed is a can of paint, and the courage to do what's right.

  • Adam Schumacher supports this.
  • Ellen King supports this.
  • Rochelle Martin says,

    I live one block from Cannon on MacNab and cycle to work - this would make a big improvement in the safety of my commute! I also have 3 children who love to cycle and this would help to keep them safer on their bikes.

  • Catherine Harris says,

    This is a great idea that would benefit both cyclists and drivers in Hamilton! On a personal level, it would give me peace of mind if there was a bike lane running across the city, as my daughter and son-in-law frequently cycle with their 2 year old son from Ottawa St. to the downtown core and beyond. I worry about them having to share a lane with passing vehicles, especially as not all drivers respect that they have a right to be on the road as well. Please help keep my family and all cyclists safer by giving them their own space on Cannon Street.

  • Sean Hurley says,

    I cycle Canon most days of the week to get across the city from near Ottawa St. to Longwood Rd. South. It is a dangerous ride most days and it would cost the city very little to put in a bike lane. I pay taxes too and I should be entitled to share the road.

  • Nathan Savelli says,

    Hamilton needs this! It's an amazing idea and will make the roads much safer for EVERYONE!

  • Lisa Clements says,

    Hamilton has made leaps and bounds towards becoming a more sustainable, environmentally-conscious city. Let's keep the momentum going! I'm an avid biker and I would love more (safe) opportunities to explore this wonderful city on two wheels.

  • Jen Fleming says,

    As a cyclist in Hamilton I have had who relies on public transit or my own two wheels to get around, more bike lanes would be lovely. I can't fathom why King St., Main St, Cannon and Wilson so not have bike lanes as they are basically 4 -5 lane one way streets!! There's plenty of room for cyclists to have a designated piece of the road. Considering I can get a $250 ticket for riding on a side walk I'd think the option to ride on the road should be made much more accessible. Not everyone is confident enough a rider to compete with the 1 - 5 tonne vehicles we have to share the road with.



  • Glen Doe says,

    Great idea. It will make better use of the street.

  • Glen Doe says,

    Great idea. It will make better use of the street.

  • Lauren Erickson says,

    It's time to re-prioritize our roads if we want to experience real urban growth. A walkable, rideable city is the most basic step towards a more livable city.

  • Greer Brooks supports this.
  • Charlotte Ross supports this.
  • Ken Keddy says,

    I think shared and multi use streets are a crucial part of Hamilton moving forward into the future as a place where people want to live and grow

  • john slomka says,

    We need more bike lanes and a bi directional lane on Cannon would be a significant improvement for cyclists.The problem is getting a bureaucrat or politician to actually get off their behind and get their arse on a bike to navigate the cities 'maze of danger'.I believe that the people responsible for lines on our roads ,don't even live or cycle in Hamilton.There is no 'WISDOM OF SOLOMON' WHEN IT COMES TO CIVIC ENGINEERING HERE!

  • Lidia Rodionova supports this.
  • Ed Liebrock says,

    I live in the North end, a five minute bike ride away from work. However, there is not a safe way for me to travel on a bike during rush hour, and usually end up driving. A dedicated bicycle lane running East-West would allow me to commute to work almost daily.

  • Andrew Carter says,

    As a regular cyclist as my form of commute, I often find traffic conditions unfriendly towards those of us who ride bicycles to get around. Too congested, people who are unaware of, or actively disregard laws regarding bicycles on the street, and a complete lack of enforcement of those laws. Cycling lanes provide another buffer for our safety, and should be provided along the majority of, if not every, major street.

  • David Serafini says,

    The endless waiting is getting a little tiresome. It would be nice to be able to bike safely across the city one day. Besides, Cannon is a disaster of an urban freeway, and an embarassment for us when visitors run on it every year in the 'Around the Bay' race. Now is time to fix it. Make it safe for everyone.

  • Ellen Irving supports this.
  • Matt LeBoeuf supports this.
  • Andrew Garrod-Martin says,

    I wholeheartedly agree with the idea of walkable communities. I think it is important to making cities which are healthy and pleasant to live in and to visit.

  • Andrew Fryer supports this.
  • Barbara Danese supports this.
  • dawn manning supports this.
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