Bike Lanes for Cannon Street by 2015? Yes We Cannon!

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  • Andrew Palombella supports this.
  • Amanda Stewart says,

    City engineers: Instead of purposefully making things as unfriendly to anyone not in a vehicle, how about you start changing your mentality and focusing on making things more friendly to cyclists and pedestrians? We are the future afterall, not threse dinosaurs in cars.

  • Andrew Pettit says,

    Investing in cycling infrastructure to make it a safer and increasingly desirable mode of transport is a win-win-win in terms of environmental impact, individual and community health and, out of those, economic prosperity. I look forward to the success of 'Yes we Cannon' and the clever word-play that will no doubt follow in Main and King Street editions. So many lanes, so many benefits: C'mon, Hamilton!!

  • jason mancini says,

    This is the logical developmental change for the transportation plan in Hamilton. This would potentially have a largely impact than LRT.

  • Jared Both says,

    Let's make the right turn for our city towards a low cost, environmental improvement that gives people the chance to be healthier and happier biking in downtown Hamilton.

  • Denise Doyle supports this.
  • Erica Roebbelen supports this.
  • Jeff Wynands says,

    Simple, intelligent, safe, eco-friendly, and forward-thinking - YES PLEASE!!!

  • Kaitlyn Steeves supports this.
  • Charlie Mattina supports this.
  • Brad Stapleton says,

    A continuous bike lane on a major through street such as Cannon goes a long way towards the feeling of a liveable city. The world will be watching AND visiting during the Pan Am games. Hamilton City Council, listen to your constituants. Safe streets build neighbourhoods. Neighbourhoods bring people and business. It's not your job to create jobs. It's your job to create an environment condusive to the health and welfare of the people living in the communities of Hamilton. The people living in those safe and vibrant neighbourhoods will be creating the jobs.

  • Aaron Craig supports this.
  • Cameron Dyck says,

    Definition of insanity - Doing the same thing over and over expecting things to change.

    You cannot expect a street to develop a vibrant community while it has 4 lanes of cars zipping down it at 60+ km/h.

    If we are to be a safe, walkable and vibrant city we can no longer have streets like Cannon. I don't think there is anything more we need to say on the matter. Let's get it done!

  • Cora Muis supports this.
  • Jihan Kalo says,

    We need more east-west cycling lanes in the lower city of Hamilton; there are hardly any that go for a long stretch, especially east of James Street.

  • Andrea Costantini says,

    We should have bike lane infrastructure on every major street in Hamilton. Hopefully Cannon is the start of something great.

  • David Couture says,

    Cannon Street is ripe for development! Calming traffic, preferably with two-way traffic flow + bike lanes, wider sidewalks in spots, better street lighting, street furniture, public art and all elements included in creating a complete street will help (just look at James & John Streets)!

    The Cannon Knitting Mills is a prime example of one of many potential sites for rebirth along this stretch which is a perfect connector from Downtown Hamilton to our PamAm District (which includes a High School whose students living closer to downtown can use Cannon St as their main cycling thoroughfare to/from school).

    We need to have this done before 2015 so that vehicular traffic can readjust, and all elements are in place for a seamless PanAm experiecne for visitors and Hamiltonians alike!

  • Trevor Wetton supports this.
  • Sarah S. says,

    If safe bicycle infrastructure were introduced to the eastern downtown areas (my home is near Barton/Kenilworth), I would consider using my bike to move around the city. I do not, presently, because quite frankly I am terrified to drive the roads with heavy traffic. I fear for my safety.

  • bryan poetz says,

    Bike lanes on Cannon would make Hamilton's streets safer for cyclists, pedestrians and motorists.

  • Michelle Rechkemmer says,

    Cannon has for way too long been a dangerous, child UNFRIENDLY stretch of road for much too long, and it's about the the City of Hamilton recognizes the detriment to the health of our children... Cannon is NOT the 'best place to raise a child'!

  • Sarah Goodman supports this.
  • Marlin Lachance says,

    Why wait for a arbitrary event to improve our city? We desperately need a good east/west bike corridor in this city.

  • Ryan Danks supports this.
  • Michael Clarke supports this.
  • Sandy Giokas supports this.
  • Allison Chewter supports this.
  • Jonathon Patterson says,

    I bike on cannon regularly and would Love bike lanes.

  • Ashleigh Patterson says,

    I bike on cannon regularly and would Love bike lanes. My toddler would probably. Feel safer too!

  • Amanda Wright says,

    I bike on cannon regularly and would Love bike lanes. My toddler would probably. Feel safer too!

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