Two-way streets are better for kids, better for businesses, better for neighbourhoods and better for Hamilton. Let's convert our one-way streets back to two-way now.

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  • Amanda stringer supports this.
  • Ben Babcock says,

    The overly specialized traffic system, with its focus on one-way streets, presents such an impediment to making short local trips that it sometimes isn't worth the bother; local business suffers as a result.

  • Christina Babcock says,

    It's ludicrous to have to drive five blocks to get one block over.

  • Azher Siddiqui supports this.
  • Justin Jones says,

    I get around this City basically every way you possibly can short of riding a unicycle. I ride my bike, I walk, I take transit and I drive, so I think I have a pretty good understanding of how the City moves, especially downtown.

    I find it incredibly interesting that people who drive through downtown refuse to see the wisdom in converting those streets to liveable, walkable, bikeable 2-way streets - after all, all the streets in the neighbourhoods outside the downtown core are 2-way. Why are they OK there, but not in the place that I choose to live, work and play in?

    Modern cities aren't flourishing using the old models of city building anymore. The days of living in the suburbs, commuting to a job in a distant downtown, driving back home and then driving to get your groceries and entertainment are drawing to a close. The cities that are truly flourishing, that are growing, developing and expanding their tax base at a rapid pace, are the places that are giving people a reason to live downtown again. Here in Hamilton, we have a lot of reasons to live downtown - we have vibrant, diverse neighbourhoods, great local businesses, access to some of the most beautiful landscapes in Southern Ontario - we really have it all going for us. The one thing that constantly works against us, that every friend I have who comes to visit me comments on, that keeps them from moving here without a second thought, is our network of high-speed, one way streets turning every East-West corridor in the lower city into a thoroughfare. It's time Hamilton grows up by growing backwards, to getting rid of these urban highways and to making our downtown a place more people want to live in rather than a place that people can drive through.

  • Azher Siddiqui says,

    I am considering moving to Hamilton downtown area. I would feel it much more safer/livable for my three small children if there were more two way streets, especially on Main and King.

  • Erica Roebbelen supports this.
  • Greg Kosiorowski supports this.
  • Jeremy Wilkins supports this.
  • Kyle Ford supports this.
  • Bob Berberick supports this.
  • Cameron Kowalchuk supports this.
  • Caroline Fehr says,

    There are many good reasons for transforming one-way streets to bi-way, such as:
    1. The many one-way streets south of Main can be very confusing and promote the losing of one's way.
    2. The one-way Main Street encourages vehicular speed as people race THROUGH, not to, Hamilton.
    3. Fast cars are dangerous to bicyclists and pedestrians.

  • Cameron Kowalchuk says,

    There are hundreds of huge, dirty and loud 18-wheelers speeding by my home at 70+ KM/h at all hours of the day. Slowing down this type of traffic would help bring some much appreciated calmness and a much wider appeal to Lansdale, a neighbourhood with so much potential to be a vibrant and safe urban enclave.

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  • Donna Akrey supports this.
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  • Elena Tonti supports this.
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