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Statement by Candace Hanson

I fully support anything that will increase the ease of being able to walk around in a city. I have chosen not to drive a car, ever, and have no plans to. I walk everywhere or take a bus if the desitination would be too far. I cannot count the number of times I have obeyed the traffic lights, crossed at a crosswalk, and taken proper steps to ensure my own safety crossing a street, only to have some jerk in a car nearly mow me down because they're in too much of a hurry/feel too superior to stop for 5 seconds and allow me to cross the street. Even on a red light, they feel it is their right to turn right, while the crosslight gives me the right of way, causing them either to stop suddenly because I'm right in front of their car and or they cut me off and zoom away. There are also the people turning, trying to cross the opposite lane of traffic, who, seeing a break in the traffic, immediately try to turn without checking for pedestrians and have to stop in traffic, obstructing the flow of said traffic because they couldn't be arsed to follow the traffic laws. Not only are they endangering my life by failing to follow simple laws but my infant daughter's life is at stake because these dumb-dumbs think that because they are in a deathtrap, it gives them free reign over any and all roadways! My body is not steel, I will not survive an impact from a ton of metal. Wake the hell up and realize that you are not all-important because you're in a metallic bubble.

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