Local residents are petitioning the City of Hamilton to request a pedestrian-activated stoplight at the corner of Kent and Aberdeen Streets.


Statement by Efan Efan

I received the fonwolilg message from a Boulderite and am sharing it with you here: Claire- just wanted to let you know I finally made it down to Fleet Feet today to buy my Excel poles and new shoes. While there, Matt offered that he would really like to start a Boulder Nordic Walking group on Thursday afternoons/evenings. I told him about your blog and he enthusiastically asked me to let you know of his interest. His email is . I will also communicate the blog site to him via email and hopefully you can connect with him at some point. Thanks again for your encouragement and recommendations love the blog! It is no surprise to me that Fleet Feet is the first Boulder running store out of the blocks (pun intended) to be interested in starting a Nordic Walking group. If anyone else in the area is interested, definitely contact Matt.

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