Local residents are petitioning the City of Hamilton to request a pedestrian-activated stoplight at the corner of Kent and Aberdeen Streets.


Statement by Evelyn Evelyn

Michelle, I have an affinity for chcuhres duomos' if you will, and can relate to your sentiments and your painting in a personal way. I once came upon the term transducer' as described by an artist of whom I cannot remember his name. but the jist of it was that art/architecture stores the psychic' energy of all that have viewed a painting for instance or passed through a portal/worshiped/lived in a dwelling place and this energy is present and interacts with the current participant in the experience. I can remember sitting in the guggenhiem many years ago in aroom with Ver Meers girl in a hat' I had an uninterupted half hour sitting on a leather bench,just me and her. After awhile the girl started to lift off of the canvas and became holographic' the sense of light was so amazing that i beleive I was connecting with what the artist saw as he painted it. I see' the essence of what you are trying to capture here and applaud your sensitvity cheers e

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